cozy: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.


why the obsession with blankets?  blankets are the perfect canvas. a giant piece of happy art that can be viewed at once across a bed or in little window panes of color, all folded up on a shelf. or, picture this: a simple room, white walls, expected furniture. now take a soft, cotton throw designed with perfectly hip shapes in colors that thrill your eyes. fling it on the bed. that one thing just changed your habitat. and that’s why i design these blankets. simple, immediate happy. 

my approach to running my business is done with the same ethics and creativity that i put into designing throws. i fully embrace the concept of small business and slow design. always working in small batches, i often produce just a single throw, the idea is to keep changing and keep things small and simple. i am an advocate of small business and support my retailers as if they were family. i seek out independent retailers because they are entrepreneurs like myself and we must lift each other up. all my products are ethically produced- from recycled cotton, to the hand-dyed linen, to the american-made wool, to the locally produced alpaca- i am transparent about my process and take great care in knowing where my materials come from and who is making them.

- Karrie Dean, Founder + Owner, Happy Habitat



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